Custer County Judicial Center

  • Location: Broken Bow, NE
  • NCompleted: February 2017
  • Owner: Custer Campus, Inc.
  • Type of Build: Construction Management
  • Project Schedule: Complete September 2015
  • Project Size: 18,564 sq. ft.

Project Overview

The Custer County Judicial Center is located on a seven-acre Custer Campus in Broken Bow, NE. The center includes two courtrooms for county and district court, a hearing room and offices for the county attorney, probation officer, court clerks and support staff. Chief Construction raced against the clock to enclose the building before winter to enable construction on the interior to proceed. To maintain an aggressive schedule, the building was phased into four different areas so trades could follow each other as well as having the framing, mechanical and electrical sequenced so all parties were working toward the same end goal.

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